Friday, 1 April 2011


i will be apart of this years spring fundraiser Photopia at Gallery 44.
come to the opening april 15th at 9pm to see new work from me and fellow photography friends;
Danielle Bleackley, Meera Margaret Singh, Robin Collyer, Jennifer Long, Virginia Mak, Tobi Asmoucha, Steven Beckly, Meryl McMaster, Sara Angelucci, Elena Potter, Colwyn Griffith, Miles Collyer , Susana Reisman, Eamon Mac Mahon, Amanda Rataj, Chris Shepherd, Chris Ironside , Dianne Davis, Jesse Boles, Lindsay Page, Taylor Reid, Peggy, Cecilia Berkovic, April Hickox, Laurie Kang, Lynne Heller, Scott Conarroe, Elise Victoria Louise Windsor, Robyn Cumming, Toni Hafkenscheid, Laurence Siegel, Osheen Harruthoonyan, Dave Kemp, Marco Buonocore, and MORE!
and a lottery draw for amazing prizes.

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