Thursday, 27 January 2011

the artist project untapped winner (that's me!)

first update of the new year and boy it's already a busy one!
so i got into the artist project untapped emerging artists top 25. but i'm also 1 of 5 artists who get hooked up from sony to shoot 3-d images. the camera is kind of interesting and the tv that came with it IS HUGE!

my profile here

(though the images that are online won't be in the show, as they are in PROOF 18 at gallery 44)


BrendanGeorge said...

keep that shit.

Vanessa Maltese said...

good headshot

dagrease said...

ahha nathan took it for me on my phone the day the applications were due... i keep thinking i should send them a new one, but as if they'd change it.