Monday, 15 November 2010

thesis papier round: II

been in the same spot more or less all day, but you know what? i'll be done this thang by tonight, so take that friday due date, hello stress free elise! my sanity also thanks me. (ps - i thought it would be nice to share with you what i'm looking at for my thesis, since i love sharsies)
 the late Ludwig Wilding - the craziest of paper manipulation skill
 Brucey Bruce - bruce nauman
 dimensional hero - Georges Rousse
 fun perspective artist found on Igor Eskinja
 Classic - kenneth josephson
 british artist -(also in this year's flash forward) Julie Cockburn
Tim Noble & Sue Webster, piles of things into shapes extraordinaire(s)!  
montreal fav, Jessica Eaton (she also has a show coming up, and because i'm writing this paper now, i'll be at the opening)


amanda said...

yeaaah! go you! using my favourite strategy... you'll be soooo happy thursday night when everyone is a crazy and you are not!

also, I LOVE the work of georges rousse, its so mind-bending. I know of a neat perspective artist like Igor Eskinja that I should look up to show you, and I also love Tim Noble & Sue Webster - have you seen the pile of garbage on the floor that looks like a cyclist or something?

dagrease said...

well, i take back my i'll be done by tonight, i'm like 90% percent done. but before friday FORSUUUUUURE.

georges is so great. and i'm thankful for blogs to have the best up-to-date info on guys who have been at it for a while (yet lack websites)

i haven't seen the cyclist one, but the rats having sex, or the people peeing are also favs.

jyotease said...

great post!!!