Sunday, 28 June 2009

the tip off.

i cannot be trusted with scissors, glass, or exacto knives.
there is a whole bottle of local anesthetic in my thumb right now, it took a whole bottle.
my hottie doctor loved me. i swore a lot. and yes, i still have the bit that is no longer apart of my thumb, i'm thinking of keeping it. don't have a jar small enough, yet.
thank you Asquared.


Vanessa Maltese said...

if you don't keep it i'll be very upset.
we could make you a box to put it in.
making a box for my teeth is on the list of things to do.
so is making a box for your decapitated thumb.

smooth moves neighbs

BrendanGeorge said...

you have more hospital visits in one year than I have in a life time. please take care of yourself, you worry people who care about ya.

-one of those worried people.

amanda said...

maybe I have a jar?

actually, active surplus probably has a great one. And miss maltese? for a box of teeth, look at this:

dagrease said...

i am soo keeping it. it shriveled up though. not as impressive.. but chunk of thumb none the less! haha.

and bk, i'll be fine. glad you care about me. makes me feel warm and fuzzy :D

and amanda, your phone message was so random. entertaining though. made me want fries. so i ate some.