Sunday, 8 February 2009

sam taylor wood

as i'm learning about more and more photographers and seeing their works, i only get more inspired to create something as breath taking. that's something i want to work on. not everyone's opinion of breath taking is the same, but i mean, i want to make beautiful pieces of art.
another artist that i have recently fallen in love with is sam taylor wood. her work is breath taking. and flat out amazing.


Anonymous said...

Yo grease!
I didn't realize you updated the old blog at all. haha

Good to see/read/be inspired.

An artist I thought you might dig...

Mike Pace

dagrease said...

ahh mike! yes, i update on the regular now. i actually need to put up some stuff that i'm pretty proud of that i've done this year. i think you'd be really into it.

that flickr link so reminds me of this guy i go to school with. very sculptural based photos.

we need to talk art person to person.