Wednesday, 4 February 2009

i think i could go on and on about michelangelo pistoletto

Division and Multiplication of the Mirror, 1975-1978
Golden frame and mirror, two elements, cm 150 x 80 each
De Menil Collection, Houston

Woman Drawing, 1962-1975
silkscreen on on polished stainless steel, two elements, cm 250 x 125 each

Lamp wih White Stand, 1962-1981
silkscreen on on polished stainless steel, cm 230 x 125
Museum für Moderne Kunst, Frankfurt

Photos: P. Pellion

I've seen a work similar to the last piece shown currently on display at the AGO. (5th floor beside Jeff Wall no doubt). I love work involving reflection. It brings interaction and personalization to whom ever sets their sights on it. Personalization because you see you, and I see me. I see others seeing themselves. I see behind me but in the front. Everyone else becomes a part of my experience, which unique only to me. I like giving unique moments to others and being apart of them too.

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